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Why a Pop-Up Wedding?

With the complexities of mass gatherings and COVID-19, small weddings are becoming increasingly more popular and necessary. Couples are still getting married, but maybe want something more than a courthouse wedding. A Pop-up wedding is a great alternative for those couples that want a beautiful, intimate ceremony with fantastic vendors that won’t break the bank.

What’s the difference between a Pop-up Wedding and a


Pop-up weddings and micro-weddings are very similar; however, pop-up weddings can be planned in a much shorter timeframe, typically less than 60 days.  A pop-up wedding can literally be done anywhere, are intimate (usually under 40 guests), and an extremely unique and affordable way to have a wedding. 

A micro-wedding normally has a larger budget, and is planned just like a more elaborate event, however, the guest count is kept to a minimum (usually under 50 guests).


What do we do after the ceremony?

Great question! You can really do anything you’d like. You can go out for dinner or brunch, have friends or family over to your home, go for a walk or a bike ride or just spend time together. The sky’s the limit!

Pop-Up Weddings


A pop-up wedding is an intimate, private ceremony with only close family & friends in attendance and is the perfect mix between an elopement and an extravagant event. It gives you the detailed beauty of an elaborate wedding, with the ease of an elopement at a fraction of the cost. 


There are two types of pop-up weddings. One is where the client customizes the wedding ceremony and chooses their own venue, vendors, and décor. The cost savings comes in because you may not be utilizing vendors for a full day nor would you be paying for a reception for hundreds of people. 


Another type of pop-up wedding is where a “host” such as a wedding planner or other wedding vendor puts together an intimate ceremony complete with décor, floral, a photographer and/or videographer, and a cake or dessert. Items such as a cocktail hour or brunch can be added on depending on the venue and timing. What keeps costs down for this type of event is that the event would last for a limited amount of time, typically 2-3 hours, and there would be multiple couples using the same set of vendors in a given day. 


While both of the above options are extremely affordable, the hosted option is an even more affordable option since you’re sharing the cost of the vendors with at least one or two other couples.

More About Pop-Up Weddings

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